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Closed Loop Break Fix

Closed-loop break fix and repair services from Rico Logistics provides a system to complement your reverse logistics process. With a fully trained, specialist workforce, Rico’s technology services department can help with a huge range of repair process for parts or products, including a returns courier service.

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Returns management is key to competing in any market and Rico’s system provides an important service for many of our customers.

Rico Logistics have a team dedicated to closed loop supply chain and reverse logistics including break fix services.

The reverse logistics network includes the return of a defective product, testing the product, dismantling, repairing, recycling or disposing of the product. We make your returns system as simple as possible, fuss-free and reliable.

Whether you need a break fix service on your engineer’s parts, or are looking for a solution for your eCommerce business, Rico Logistics can help.

Break Fix for Reverse Logistics

To complement any reverse logistics process, Rico operates a dedicated repair and refurbishment centre manned by a fully trained workforce. This team is tasked with vetting, testing and repairing many spare parts as they are returned from the field and so helps customers extend the life of their core business assets.

In addition, Rico has multiple collection and return trunking links in place, with a number of repair vendors for a wide range of customers and equipment through our break fix service. 

Warranty management is also offered where available therefore shortening repair times and further lowering costs.

Vetting and Filtration

  • Testing and cleaning
  • Firmware updates and upgrades
  • Warranty entitlement and management
  • Management of external repair vendors
  • Secure destruction and data erasure

Repair Centre

  • Back to base repairs
  • Equipment refurbishment and cosmetic repairs
  • Technical pre-incident activity (Firmware preloads and “Image on Demand”)

To speak with the Rico Technology Services team regarding our closed loop, break fix supply chain and reverse logistics services, please contact us on the numbers below or visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sales Team: 0845 141 0121
International: +44 (0)207 979 1002
or alternatively, email us at [email protected]