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Technology Logistics Services

In expert hands

Rico’s Technology Logistics Services provide a wide range of field technology services throughout the UK and Europe – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes technical couriers, break/fix technicians, IMAC services, managed IT services, projects and rollouts, deskside support, service desk, flex & agency services and so much more.

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services help you focus on what’s important to your organisation. We take away the pressure of disruptive technology concerns – helping you achieve a better workflow.

Our managed technology services provide solutions for a wide range of company requirements, from technical engineers to contracted deskside support. All available on your site at the click of a button. Managed IT services help reduce your costs, removing the need to hire a full-time or part-time member of IT staff. Our technology logistics services provide you with an experienced technology professional, on hand whenever you need them.

For all managed IT support services, Rico Logistics are here to help.

Experienced Technical Support


Get technical support from our experienced technical service support teams. Our technicians are experienced in most business sectors, including retail, medical, hospitality and banking. No matter your industry, we offer bespoke managed IT support, tailored to suit all business requirements.

Our experienced team of multi-skilled technicians, couriers and engineers are supported by our extensive network of forward stock locations (FSLs), PUDOs, and box & boot solutions.

Outsource your technology services


Our extensive technology logistics network and managed IT services allow you to completely outsource your technology requirements. 

With outsourced IT services, you can significantly free up your organisation’s time, resulting in a more efficient work environment. We also provide key personnel to augment your own resources at peak times or for projects.

Field Technology Services

Rico Logistics’ Field Technology Services provide the best possible training to guarantee the highest quality of service and technical support. Rico support this with real-time communications and IT – TRACE™, tracking the progress of tickets and spare parts to ensure the highest possible standard of service delivery.

International Technology Services

We provide technical support services across the UK, Europe and Worldwide, strengthened by an international logistics supply chain service.

Our logistical services provide a robust infrastructure to a growing range of organisations across Europe, India and Australia. We currently deliver technology logistics services and spare parts logistics to over 16 European countries.

This includes access to central warehousing, field stock locations and PUDOs, all managed and tracked by an in-house stock and inventory management system. This network is supported by our technical repair and filtration centre, which currently repairs and screens a wide range of equipment and spares returned from the field.

We continue to evolve with the latest technologies, ensuring high quality service and commitment to get it right first time on an international scale.

Interventions every day across the globe.