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Telecommunications Logistics

With a huge range of telecom spare parts in stock, and 40 stock locations across the UK, we’re always on hand to provide critical telecommunications equipment and support.

We recognise that failure of telecom equipment can have an extremely high impact on businesses, with costly penalties at play where Service Level Agreements are effected. As a result, we ensure second to none telecom logistics services – minimising the impact of telecommunications failures.

Telecom Spare Parts

Rico’s telecommunications logistics network is designed to assist critical telecom needs, ensuring quick and responsive fix coverage for most of the UK in as little as a 2 hour call.

Our Same Day Telecom Spare Part Courier Network are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to deliver critical telecom spares to calls. We stock an extensive range of telecom equipment across our 40 forward stock locations, providing the right solution for you.

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