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FSL – strategic stock warehousing

In order to support our clients who require same day stock availability close to their customer locations, Rico provides Forward or Field Stock locations (FSL) in all of its operating territories throughout Europe and Australia and India. This means Rico has over 600 FSL’s operating globally covering territories from Shetland Isles to Wagga Wagga in Australia (yes, Rico really do have a location in Wagga Wagga)

In the UK, Rico’s FSL strategic stock warehousing infrastructure provides over 40 locations sufficient to provide a 2 hour call-to-fix (CTF) capability to virtually all of the UK and Northern Ireland.

Rico’s FSL’s typically operate on a 20-30 minute SLA for a pick within the normal working day – this means that from the point of the pick list request the spare part will be made available for an engineer collection or will be handed over to a Rico Same day courier within that timeframe. Rico FSL’s have 99.5% achievement with this SLA across its wide customer base.

To achieve this SLA, all Rico’s UK FSL’s have Same day Courier operations on site in order to quickly hand-over a part to a courier and provide a rapid delivery to site capability for Rico’s clients.

Rico’s warehouse system “Trace” which is used for NDC and FSL service across all countries, is fully integrated and the Same day courier system so that tracking updates from the courier system such as Revised ETA (estimated time of arrival), POD information, and even images for POD signature are visible within the “Trace” system, in order to give full visibility of the urgent order from door to door.

Rico’s FSL’s and Same day Couriers operate on a 24/7 basis with Out of Hours (OOH) ‘call outs’ from all sites, in order to provide comprehensive support for Rico’s clients’ service requirements, night and day, every day of every week.

Rico provide replenishment services to every FSL every night via its In-Night transport logistics. This means that critical FSL strategic stock is replenished overnight and booked onto stock and available for picking by 8am in the morning. Where Rico operates the NDC service for the client the replenishment typically comes from the NDC, or it comes from the Clients own central stock location or even from suppliers and repairers directly into the FSL network using Rico In-night transport infrastructure. Clients in Mainland Europe utilise our European “Airbridge” solution which enables them to replenish the FSL from their European distribution centres, where parts arrive as late as 23:00 hours into Coventry/Birmingham airport and the equipment is injected into Rico’s In-night trunking network for parts to be available and on the shelf early the following morning.

To speak to Rico Logistics regarding strategic stock warehousing services, please contact us on one of the numbers below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sales Team: 0845 141 0121
International: +44 (0) 207 979 1002

or alternatively, email us at sales@ricogroup.global