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Service Logistics – In-Night

Providing service parts logistics for global distribution.

At Rico Logistics we offer fully integrated, multiple collection and delivery, parts “in-night” logistics service. We provide a number of different solutions which can be used in combination, so that you have the most appropriate service for your specific engineer requirements

The parts logistics service enables the collection of new or repaired parts directly from your repair agents, your national distribution centre, or European warehouses, and provides delivery directly to your in-country Field Engineers typically by 8am in the morning.

All collections and deliveries are tracked using our web-based real time “TRACE” system from point of collection through to hand-over to a field engineer or delivery to FSL for a replenishment.

Parts can be delivered via the following services:

Pick up drop off (PUDO) sites
 – PUDO’s are not used for strategic stock holding, but are available for Field engineers to collect good parts and drop off (return) defective or un-used parts in an efficient and cost effective way.

PUDO’s are typically used in one of two way, “Nearest to the engineer home” – in the UK, Rico’s PUDO’s locations are on average no more than 5 miles from engineer home, in this case the engineer collects all parts from their default “home” PUDO each morning and usually drops off his return parts at the same time. Alternatively, the customer can send parts to a PUDO “nearest to the call” – this enables the customer to send parts to a PUDO near the service requirement and this may allow them more flexibility in allocating engineers.
Both options are available within the Rico Network and can be used together if required in order to provide maximum flexibility for Rico clients

The PUDO service offers the following
– Enhanced opening hours at many locations, including some sites with Sunday opening hours
– These are physically ‘manned’ by an Operational Manager, and parts are physically handed over to an engineer
– Increased flexibility with PUDO locations able to handle both large and small items
– Availability to switch orders to a different receiving engineer when necessary
– SMS and email confirmation to engineers when parts are ready to collect or to confirm that there are no parts to collect
– Pre-8am delivery to PUDO network ensures early availability of orders to engineers

 – Delivering parts directly to the boot of the engineer’s van
This is a more expensive service than PUDO because this is a specific delivery to an engineer address, but is available where an engineer does not live near a PUDO and needs delivery of parts pre-8am for an early start. The service is not exclusive to delivery into a Car/van, it can be any secure location the engineer can provide, Front Porch, Garden Shed etc
– New part deliveries are scanned into the engineer vehicle and return parts are scanned out for full trace and traceability
– Full key control including scanning of keys in and out of Rico sites
– Failed deliveries are returned to Rico sites for collection by engineer or re-delivery as required

Customer site
 – Delivered directly to on-campus engineers
– Pre-arranged window for deliveries
– Engineer receives a phone call 30 minutes prior to delivery
– Security vetted drivers with MOD clearance – we currently deliver to all major defence and nuclear establishments within the UK
– We can deliver to your sites throughout the night if required with our in night delivery service
– We can provide a weekend (6 or 7 day) service if required

Intelligent locker/Box
 – Secure pin-operated storage box
This solution is less flexible for storage capacity, however unlike manned PUDO’s they are always open, so in some cases are a more appropriate delivery/returns solution
– Access to thousands of lockers throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East & Asia

Reverse logistics
 – A full reverse logistics service
– Through the above services, a fully tracked returns, reverse logistics capability is also available using Rico’s Trace software
– As an extension of the service, Rico offer returns filtration at its hub, this service can range from simple Good/Bad sortation, sending defective parts to specified repairers through to testing products which have a high no-fault found (NFF) yield, or items that only need a simple repair, and where repaired or tested good are returned to stock and where identified as defective are scrapped or sent for specialised repair.

-Rico are able to then take repaired items directly from the repairer and deliver to engineers or FSL replenishment as necessary, avoiding unnecessary handling and time delays within the supply chain

To speak to Rico Logistics about our service parts logistics services please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sales Team: 0845 141 0121
International: +44 (0) 207 979 1002

or alternatively, email us at sales@ricogroup.global