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Logistics Services

We offer innovative distribution network based on a transactional pricing model that enables our clients to:

  • Meet the increasing demand for fast delivery to field service engineers and stores
  • Replace their fixed Supply Chain costs with a flexible commercial model

Our approach to Spare Parts Logistics supports their continued growth within today’s unpredictable business environment.

  • Transactional Pricing
    Reduce costs and mitigate against unpredictable fluctuations in demand.
  • Transparency
    Our WMS system presents real-time stock control and tracking visibility when your stock is in transit.
  • Blended Solutions
    The ability to mix our network of storage and distribution solutions to create strategies that meet different regional requirements or SLAs.
  • Minimise Overstocking
    Reporting provides information to minimise overstocking on inventory “just in case” there’s a problem.
  • Intelligent Stock Control
    Real-time data from each location can support your stocking decisions and ensure you place the correct amount and type of inventory you need across your entire network.
  • Compliance
    All FSL’s have the appropriate Health and Safety, lighting, fire & security & lifting equipment to support a fast-paced spare parts logistics warehouse operation.

At Rico Logistics, we understand the critical importance of technical support and the vital role of spare parts logistics, whenever and wherever you need them.

With approximately 150 forward stock locations (FSLs), 350 pick up and drop off (PUDO) locations and over 1500 intelligent locker locations throughout Europe. Rico Technology Logistics has a unique network of resources, and with our Distribution Management and Inventory Management Services are perfectly positioned to support your distribution requirements.

We also provide supply chain outsourcing for our customers; forming partnerships that reduce risk and stress. Our in night delivery network, complemented by our huge inventory management infrastructure, allows us to work through the night to get your technical parts to their specified destination before 8 am the next morning. Furthermore, our unique TRACE system enables customers to track the progress of dispatches in real-time, at all times.