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Spare Parts Logistics

Hand picked to order

Rico Group have a dedicated spare parts logistics team offering customers a unique and seamless Distribution Management and Inventory Management service throughout 15 European Countries, and India.

Rico Logistics has a dedicated spare parts logistics team offering customers a unique and seamless distribution management and inventory management service. Our spare parts logistics services are available throughout the UK, as well as in 15 European countries and India.

Technical Spare Parts

At Rico Logistics, we understand the critical importance of technical support and the vital role of technical spare parts logistics, whenever and wherever you need them. With approximately 150 forward stock locations (FSLs) throughout Europe, 350 pick up and drop off (PUDO) locations and over 1500 intelligent locker locations, your spare parts logistics are made easy with us.

Rico Logistics have the highest quality resources, thousands of technology couriers, and hundreds of locations around the country at our disposal. With that, our spare parts logistics services, including distribution management and inventory management, are some of the best available.

Supply Chain Outsourcing

Along with our distribution management and inventory management service, our spare parts logistics also include supply chain outsourcing for our customers. 

Experience complete integration of Rico’s supply chain management logistics into your business’s operational structure. It reduces pressure, risk and stress on your team and your company.

Our in night delivery network, complemented by our huge inventory management infrastructure, allows us to work through the night to get your technical parts to their specified destination before 8am the next morning. Furthermore, our unique TRACE system allows customers to track the progress of dispatches in real-time, at all times. You stay in control of your spare parts logistics operations.

Spare Parts supplied across the globe every day.