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22 April 2020

Our core services continue to operate effectively across all divisions and network areas using the contingency measures and new protocols implemented to uphold services during the period of Covid-19 restrictions.

We continue to see pockets of absence through illness or self-isolation, but this is not materially impacting services at this time. We continue to see geographical variation in front line absences with a higher rate in the Southeast, Northwest, London and the West Midlands. This geographical variance is consistent with Government data of the spread of Covid-19.

Rico UK Sameday Services update

We continue to have good capacity of couriers across the network and will endeavour to complete collection and delivery as quickly as possible for all bookings confirmed, but some collection times may be impacted on occasion as a result of the changed conditions in which we are operating.
• Couriers are remaining at home until required to ensure their travel is only for essential purposes (i.e. to service a confirmed job booking). This means that couriers are not waiting at Rico FSL locations.
• Where a courier is collecting from an FSL, some delays may also occur at the FSL because of the new counter protocols implemented, with couriers and engineers served one at a time at counters to ensure social distancing is observed within the FSL environment.
• A reminder that our front line Couriers, Techs and Drivers have adopted a ‘no contact and social distancing’ protocol when undertaking collection and deliveries, consistent with guidelines published by the Government. This means that we are not able to obtain a customer signature on a mobile device or paperwork. However, we will continue to obtain the name of the recipient upon delivery and enter this as the POD and add the words ‘Covid-19’ in the signature
Any individual jobs delayed because of these factors will be updated as, ’Delay in collection due to Covid-19 protocols’
• Field Resourcing – No significant impact to services at this time and capacity is available
• Circle Express – No significant impact to services at this time and capacity is available
• FSL operations – No significant impact to services at this time and capacity available. – Social distancing protocols for counter services at FSL’S have been implemented and we ask our customers accessing FSL locations to observe the protocols.
Collection & delivery protocol – video animation

We have created an animation video for internal use to reinforce the Covid-19 collection and delivery protocol for our Couriers, Tech’s and Drivers that include social distancing techniques. This is designed to maintain the safety of our customers and our teams. You are able to access the animation video here >>>>> Covid-19 Delivery Protocol Animation

PUDO services

A reminder that we have added new Menzies PUDO locations to the PUDO network. Visitors to Menzies PUDO’S are required to wear hi-vis jackets whilst on site. Social distancing protocols are in force at Menzies sites and we ask visitors to respect local controls designed to safeguard staff and visitors to these PUDO’S.

The location of these new PUDO’S has been listed in previous updates. Please contact your account manager if you require additional details of the new PUDO locations. Details of day-to-day PUDO changes are advised throughout the day with PUDO specific updates issued to customers.

We have produced a new tool for the PUDO network with customer access to a Google map of PUDO locations and the status of PUDO’S. The map updates automatically each time the PUDO team make a change. In the event that a PUDO is closed, the map shows which PUDO parts have been redirected to. You can find the PUDO network map here. >> Rico PUDO Map

Ireland Services
The Government of the Republic of Ireland (ROI) have extended their lockdown restrictions until 5th May, whilst The Northern Ireland Executive have extended their lockdown restrictions until 9th May, after which a review will be made to determine whether restrictions will be extended further or varied.
Rico are operating the same contingency arrangements across Ireland as the UK mainland and there is currently no major impact to services, with capacity available to support customer requirements or projects.

Cross border movements do not appear to be disrupted at this time, but we will continue to review the situation and report on any border disruptions.

Ferry Capacity to and from Belfast

A reminder that ferry capacity between Ireland and the British mainland is running at reduced capacity, because of a downturn in demand. Rico has determined that this will have no service impact on the nightly Road Bridge to Ireland, but some ad-hoc sameday movements between Belfast and the mainland may be delayed. Any delays to individual jobs will be communicated through the usual channels.

Rico assistance with Covid-19 contingency plans

Our service and operational teams are currently supporting a number of customers with Covid-19 related contingency arrangements and projects aimed at national recovery, utilising our wide range of divisional services. With capacity available across all network services, we stand ready to assist and support your business to deliver contingency projects where required. Click the banner at the top of this message to link through to our teams who would be happy to guide you to the right solution for your business, or click here for further information click here. >> FIND OUT MORE

The Rico and Circle Express senior management team continue to meet three times weekly to review service impacts, progress contingency actions and assess the effectiveness of contingency actions. The project team also agree new contingencies to mitigate any new or emerging risk.

Follow our Covid-19 contingency updates on our website

You can review our Covid-19 contingency updates key updates which are also published to our website, accessible here >>>>>> https://www.ricogroup.global/latestnews/

Summary statement

We will continue to keep customers informed of any individual job delays through the normal channels and will issue general updates on any further impacts to front line resource as they occur.

The safety and well-being of our staff, partners, contractors and customers remains our priority during this difficult time and we will continue to work with you to preserve our services wherever possible. Further periodic updates will be issued as the situation changes.

Rico remain committed to providing our services, however, with front line resources being affected and the situation developing on a day by day basis we may not always be able to meet your expectations. We will endeavour to keep your business updated with any impact to service levels and estimated delivery times on a job by job basis. If you have specific concerns please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or local Branch team for further local information.