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9 April 2020

Temporary Service Suspension – Manchester FSL – Friday 10th April at 10am
We are providing advance notice that there will be no access to the Rico Manchester FSL as from 10:00 on Friday 10th April and FSL and PUDO services will be suspended for a period of 6 hours, until 16:00 on the same day. This is to allow the site to be deep cleaned by specialist contractors, following a potential case of Covid-19 connected to the site.

Courier services from Manchester will continue to operate throughout this period, with control managed from the Rico Warrington site, with additional support from Leeds. However, no parts can be picked from this FSL during the suspension period.

Why is this site being deep cleaned?
The site is receiving a deep clean under our Covid-19 contingency plan because the following condition has been met;
• Where an employee has attended site within the last 72 hours and either; has attended work and is then sick or suspected with symptoms, or has attended work and a member of their immediate household is sick or suspected with symptoms.

The deep clean is a precautionary measure performed by specialist contractors, using a ‘bio fog’ treatment to remove any traces of the virus which may be present at the site. The deep clean treatment takes approximately two hours to complete and the site left unattended after the treatment for a further four hour period, after which the site is safe to re-enter.

Rico apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers as a result of this temporary closure of the FSL, which is being undertaken to safeguard our employees and visitors to site.

Rico UK Sameday Services update
There has been no material change to network impact from Covid-19 as we continue to see pockets of absence as a result of self-isolation and illness around the country. We are seeing geographical variation in front line absences with a higher rate in the Southeast, Northwest, London and the West Midlands. This is consistent with Government data of the spread of Covid-19.

We continue to have good capacity of couriers across the network and will endeavour to complete collection and delivery as quickly as possible for all bookings confirmed, but some collection times may be impacted on occasion as a result of the changed conditions in which we are operating.

• Couriers are remaining at home until required to ensure their travel is only for essential purposes (i.e. to service a confirmed job booking). This means that couriers are not waiting at Rico FSL locations

• Where a courier is collecting from an FSL, some delays may also occur at the FSL because of the new counter protocols implemented, with couriers and engineers served one at a time at counters to ensure social distancing is observed within the FSL environment.

Any individual jobs delayed because of these factors will be updated as, ’Delay in collection due to Covid-19 protocols’
Ferry Capacity to and from Belfast

Stena Line has announced it is cutting capacity of ferries between Belfast to Heysham, Liverpool and Cairnryan, because of a downturn in demand. We have determined that this will have no service impact on the nightly Road Bridge to Ireland, but some ad-hoc sameday movements between Belfast and the mainland may be delayed. Any delays to individual jobs will be communicated through the usual channels. See detail here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-52209215

The Rico Sameday Wembley office remains closed temporarily as part of our contingency planning, but couriers continue to operate from Wembley, with control of couriers transferred to our Heathrow site and service is not currently impacted.
Additional divisional services update

• Field Resourcing – No significant impact to services at this time and capacity is available

• Circle Express – No significant impact to services at this time and capacity is available

• FSL operations – No significant impact to services at this time and capacity available. – Social distancing protocols for counter services at FSL’S have been implemented and we ask our customers accessing FSL locations to observe the protocols
PUDO Services

• PUDO services are operating normally following the reorganisation of the network following the closure of the Safestore PUDO locations. – Social distancing protocols for counter services at Rico PUDO locations have been implemented and we ask our customers accessing PUDO locations to observe the protocols.

Rico assistance with Covid-19 contingency plans
Our service and operational teams are currently supporting a number of customers with Covid-19 related contingency arrangements, utilising our wide range of divisional services. With capacity available across all network services, we stand ready to assist and support you to deliver contingency projects where required. Click the banner at the top of this message to link through to our teams who would be happy to guide you to the right solution for your business.

Services in Ireland
No additional updates to report following implementation of the restrictions in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and across Northern Ireland, save for the update relating to ferry capacity from Belfast to the UK mainland.

Rico Logistics front line couriers and drivers have been issued letters of authorisation and windscreen notices to help them clear any roadside checks. Rico front line office staff have also been issued letters and windscreen notices to assist them to navigate roadside checks to travel to and from their place of work.

Cross border movements do not appear to be disrupted at this time, but we will continue to review the situation and report on any border disruptions. There are no reports of service disruptions across Northern Ireland or ROI at this time, but we will continue to monitor the situation and update on any emerging disruptions. The networks in both ROI and Northern Ireland have good capacity and remain able to support our customer’s requirements.

General information update
The Directors and senior management Covid-19 contingency project team continue to convene online daily meetings, to review service impacts, progress contingency actions and assess the effectiveness of contingency actions. The project team also agree new contingencies to mitigate any new or emerging risk.

Recap Covid-19 Updated collection and delivery protocol
Rico Logistics and Circle Express have updated our collection and delivery protocol to ensure we protect our customers and our staff by upholding social distancing of 2 metre’s insofar as possible during the collection or delivery process. We have therefore implemented the following protocol and ask for our customer’s to cascade this update to their teams.

Covid-19 Delivery Protocol – no contact collection and deliveries

• Upon arrival at the collection or delivery point, the courier will politely inform the customer that they are observing the ‘no contact and social distancing’ guidelines published by the Government and adopted by Rico / Circle Express.

• Couriers will maintain a no contact stance insofar as they can when making a collection, to achieve social distancing of 2 metres. This will be achieved by asking the customer to place the parcel on a nearby surface, even the floor, so it can be picked up without physical contact with the customer. The same process to be used in reverse when making a delivery to a customer.

• Gloves should be used when handling the consignment where available. If no gloves are available, couriers should avoid touching their face until they have washed their hands with soap or sanitiser, in line with the Government published guidelines.

• Couriers and drivers should not offer the mobile device or paperwork for the customer to sign for a delivery. Instead, customers should be asked to confirm their name and the courier / driver can write the customer name into the mobile app or delivery note and add ‘CV19’ after the name to signify that the courier / driver has signed on behalf of the customer.

• In the event that a customer refuses to confirm their name after receiving the consignment, the courier / driver will enter ‘refused signature CV19’ to complete the delivery.

• In the event that a customer refuses to cooperate with the ‘no contact, social distancing’ protocol and if the courier / driver is concerned, they should withdraw and seek further guidance from the company.

Recap of Changes to FSL and PUDO counter service arrangements
Customers will be served at counters on the basis of ‘one in and one out’, so that they are served individually at counters. The same protocols apply to couriers collecting parts from an FSL Where customers need to queue either inside or outside or the FSL or PUDO, we ask that they respect the 2m distance rule to other people around them, to observe social distancing measures published by the Government.

Our teams will continue to work diligently to serve customers as quickly as possible so they can continue on their business once served, but within the process listed above.

We understand that this may create some frustration on occasion as it may take longer for customers to collect or return parts to FSL and PUDO locations and we ask for your understanding and support in implementing this protocol. .

Summary statement
We will continue to keep customers informed of any individual job delays through the normal channels and will issue general updates on any further impacts to front line resource as they occur.

The safety and well-being of our staff, partners, contractors and customers remains our priority during this difficult time and we will continue to work with you to preserve our services wherever possible. Further periodic updates will be issued as the situation changes.

Rico remain committed to providing our services, however, with front line resources being affected and the situation developing on a day by day basis we may not always be able to meet your expectations. We will endeavour to keep your business updated with any impact to service levels and estimated delivery times on a job by job basis. If you have specific concerns please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or local Branch team for further local information.